Grand opening of the One Stop Shop Facility in Kayanza on World Toilet Day, 2014

One stop shops

The One Stop Shop project targets and intervenes with the hazardous danger to public health of open defecation and lack of access to clean water and sanitation, which are primary issues in poor areas.

The One stop shop is a sustainable, total solution, non-pollution toilet and sanitation facility station in combination with a local payment aggregation (see Pay E-safe). In other words, the One Stop Shop promotes the unity of hygienic sanitation and health security to the community.

The setup includes toilet, bathing and hygienic facilities and at a later date also intends to incorporate a sewage system that turns waste water into renewable energy at low costs.

Besides improving livelihoods through better sanitation, the project also engages with training and educating the community in the importance of decent hygiene and proper use of the One Stop Shop. Access2innovation has granted funding to the Danish company EnviClean to develop and test this sustainable sanitary solution for use in slum areas and has aided EnviClean in enabling contact and forming partnerships with:

  • Watertech - The chosen local manager in Uganda. Watertech manages the local implementation, monitoring, customer service and day to day maintenance of the grids in Kasese district. 
  • AVV - A Danish company experienced in waste management, renewable energy and consultancy within environmental sustainability combined with encompassing hardware expertise for more than 20 years.
  • Bigadan - A Danish company with 30 years of experience in the field of biogas and energy consultancy and constructing high quality biogas facility stations and biogas process equipment.
  • DMS-Africa - Construction & Facility Management Services company in Uganda with Danish connections. DMS develops various modular buildings and prefabricated housing units providing valuable experience to the OneStopShop project.
  • Red Cross - In relation to OneStopShop Red Cross provides a very valuable and strong local presence and network. This greatly reduces the plausible distortions of communication between project stakeholders and as such helps to align interests and understandings especially in relation to the local population.

The companies Enviclean ApS, DMS Africa, Pay-E-Safe ApS and the University of Copenhagen are currently working on a more feasible version of the One Stop Shop that is expected be tested in Kenya before the end of 2018.


For further information please contact Jacob Ravn, Head of the access2innovation secretariat or Niels Henrik Johansen, CEO of EnviClean.

One Stop Shop results after three and a half years in Kasese:

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