Traditional cookstoves being sold at the street in Uganda. Photo © by Jacob Ravn, access2innovation

Small scale bio fuel production

Today, the most common fuel applied for cooking in Africa is forest tree and charcoal. This leads to poor health caused by inhaling the heavy smoke - a condition that primarily affects women and children.

Based on a low cost fermentation technology, the company Scale BioFuel has developed a solution to produce second generation biofuel that can provide a viable alternative to existing solutions.

With support from access2innovation the company is now further developing the solutions as well a business case in Uganda - in close partnership with researchers and local private sector institutions.

In March 2015, Scale BioFuel and partners were granted EUR 278.000 by the Nordic Climate Fund with the purpose to further elaborate on introducing a low cost and scalable technology that enables bioethanol production at a competitive price.

For more information please visit: the Scale BioFuel website, or refer to Ole Stein, program manager at the access2innovation secretariat.

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