Insulated piping can reduce energy consumption from heating and cooling to a minimum. Photo © by ea energy

Insulated piping for solar heating and cooling

ea energy specialises in sturdy insulated piping that minimises energy loss when transferring heat or cold in industrial systems.

It is a well-known fact that the most significant loss of energy in any cooling or heating system occurs when the heat or cold needs to be transported.
By using specialised, high-grade insulated piping solutions from the Danish manufacturer Logstor, ea energy can reduce the energy loss to an absolute minimum.

Often overlooked, piping is a crucial way for processing industries to keep their energy costs down.

ea energy has years of experience on the European, North American and South African markets, but is now also focusing on East Africa as part of the Danish Cleantech Group – a collaboration between Danish Sun Energy, CO2 Light, Aalborg CSP, Logstor and ea energy.

The Danish Cleantech Group has established sales offices in Kenya and Uganda and offers a range of innovative green tech solutions that have been tailored specifically to fit the East African market and financial structures.

ea energy has been granted support by access2innovation to identify new partners within the processing industries in Kenya.

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