HRH Crown Princess Mary: access2innovation an excellent example

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At her opening speech at the partnership conference in Copenhagen on Wednesday, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark drew forward access2innovation as a positive example of innovative partnerships.
“Doing good without wanting anything in return is honorable – but we shouldn’t undervalue that a commercial interest can also be a strong driver,” the crown princess said.
“Access2innovation has shown how sustainable and commercially viable solutions can be based on actual needs and demands in developing countries.”
Crown princess Mary used the development of the Sky-Watch helicopter to illustrate the value of the access2innovation network.
“Sky-Watch – a technically sophisticated unmanned helicopter that can be used for mine clearing – is an excellent example of the value of partnerships between NGOs, researchers and the private sector. Innovative solutions are developed, workplaces are created and the urgent need for safety in developing countries can be met,” she stated.

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