Massive interest splits workshop in two

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An overwhelming number of interested participants mean that access2innovation will be splitting the next workshop into two separate events.

More than 120 participants joined the match-making conference in Aalborg on October 10th. The number of people who are interested in taking part in the next steps is so large that instead of one follow-up workshop, the event will be splitting up into two different workshops; one in Aalborg on October 31st and one in Copenhagen on November 5th.

Both workshops will be addressing the questions raised on October 10th, draw outlines of potential business cases and line up financial strategies.

The workshop in Aalborg on October 31st will focus on:

  • Water and sanitation
  • Chili production
  • Dairy production

The workshop in Copenhagen on November 5th will focus on:

  • Energy hubs
  • Waste management

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