New Business Opportunities in Uganda – Really?

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More than 120 participants took part in the match-making conference at Nordkraft in Aalborg last week.
Many of them got their first introduction to the identified business cases as well as the access2innovation partnership approach.
At the end of the day, the air at the venue was ripe with questions;
What is the potential business case for the Energy Hub, what is the construction price for a One Stop Shop, how can we get started with testing a cold storage facility with CARE, is there a business case for a biogas facility within the Municipality of Kasese?
Some of the conference participants immediately saw a match between their current business strategies with the opportunities presented at the conference, whereas others ended up asking: “New Business Opportunities in Uganda – Really?”.
The questions raised by the participants and the subsequent reflections underlines the need for additional knowledge to grasp the potential business cases and develop the appropriate business models.
"Over the years, we have learnt that doing business on your own in a developing country is a tough challenge. Doing business with already established partners - that have great knowledge and skills as well as interests that are aligned with your own business – is still a challenge, but a much more feasible and less expensive one," says head of the access2innovation secretariat, Jacob Ravn.
Interested companies are invited to join a string of upcoming activities that will allow the participants to gain access to end-users, knowledge on business development within the emerging markets in Uganda, access to seed-funding and to investigate the opportunities at hand.
On top of that, the access2innovation secretariat will be doing online follow-up on questions raised and noted on October 10th.

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