The funding programme “Partnership Driven Innovation for the East African Growth Markets” (PIVØ), is aimed specifically at the East African growth markets.

See the list of PIVØ-approved partnerships (August 2019)

The funding programme is targeting Danish small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that in partnership with research institutions and end-users aim to innovate new solutions and services to the East African growth markets. This with a dedicated focus on sustainable energy, agri-business, water, construction or IT.
Each partnership must as a minimum consist of three SME’s and a research institution in order to obtain support for concept and proto type test of up to 1.250.000 DKR including grant of up to 500.000 DKR. Further funding is available for value-chain projects with a total budget of 2.500.000 DKR with grant of 1.000.000 DKR.
The total programme is expected to support 20 partnerships meeting the following requirements:

  • The companies must have a positive equity as well as the organizational capacity to complete the project.
  • 30 % of the grant must be used for active participation of researchers from Danish universities
  • Potential solutions and services must be scalable and new to either companies or market.
  • The project must be anchored in Region Nordjylland with a minimum of 1 company
  • Companies must contribute with co-funding of the full budget by man-hours documented by time registration / copy of payment slip and cost for researchers and external consultants.
  • Partnership must provide qualified estimate of anticipated increase in Danish work places and turnover with 2-5 years.
    For further information, terms and conditions about the PIVØ programme, please contact the access2innovation secretariat.


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